Career coaching

Career coaching connects professionals with their values, passion, strengths, and other key aspects of their career. It equips them with the career management skills that they need now and in future career decisions / transitions. It also facilitates development and implementation of specific actions needed to achieve the desired career.

Career coaching is different to other career help

-career mentoring relies on more experienced professional sharing their wisdom with a less experienced person

-career counselling is much more directed by the counsellor, who may use psychometric tools to suggest appropriate career choices, and may guide further actions

-interview skills coaching helps people prepare for the job interview

-CV writers specifically create CVs

-recruitment consultants match clients with vacancies

I offer career coaching, interview skills coaching, and occasionally aspects of mentoring.

Career coaching areas

A variety of areas may be discussed in career coaching, for example


  • Self-awareness

  • Self-confidence

  • Managing emotions

  • Motivating self



  • Managing priorities

  • Communication

  • Team management

  • Professional expertise


Career: vocation

In my career coaching we define a career as one's calling or vocation in life, something that you are passionate about, and something that doesn't feel like work but is a key aspect of who you are. We may explore areas such as

  • life purpose

  • values

  • strengths

  • skills




Career balance

Finding your dream career that you are passionate about doesn't mean that every day will be perfect or the path smooth. That's not the reality of life, and it is important to also develop resilience skills to manage your career as a journey where the downs are absorbed or used as a springboard to propel you to an even better position. Challenges come all the time, and competing interests place demands on our time and energy. Being on a path that moves you towards a rich and meaningful life means also managing the challenges that come inevitably come along.

Contact me if you would like to explore career coaching or find your calling, or if you need help managing your career, transitions, balance, and challenges.

  • experience

  • motivators

  • environment

  • practicalities


  • Influencing

  • Managing complexity

  • Organisational awareness

  • Managing change


Impact on others

  • Understanding others

  • Inspiring

  • Relationships

  • Presence and impact

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