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I am passionate about enabling the people I coach to aim high, and achieve the very best that they can. We all want to do a great job for our families, clients, patients, students, colleagues or society in general, and through my coaching I aim to support you in becoming the most excellent version of yourself. As a coach and a practicing NHS consultant myself, I understand the challenges that you might face, but I also know that inside you there is an altruistic teenager wanting to change the world. My aim is to help you find, build and harness that passion and drive, and to support you in becoming the best that you can.

+I can help you manage the opportunities, decisions and challenges in your life.

+Which leads to you being at your best, thriving, and full of enthusiasm and drive.​

+Which in turn enables you to progress your career, develop meaningful relationships, become the best that you can be, and use your kindness and empathy to change the lives of those around you.

What is coaching?

This is surprisingly difficult to explain in a simple sentence, and many definitions exist. Actually, a better question is asking what coaching can help you with. The about you page outlines the kinds of problems that coaching can help with.

Coaching can be defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.


At it's simplest, coaching is a supportive and developmental process that helps you:

-set and achieve personal and professional goals

-identify and use your strengths

-identify the values that drive you

-live your life in accordance with your values

-develop resilience

-develop emotional intelligence

-develop soft skills and leadership skills such as empathy and communication

-become the best that you can be in all aspects of your life

Coaching is a learning relationship between equals, and a thought-provoking and creative process. The key thing to remember is that coaching is a process, not a one-off intervention that you attend and then forget. Coaching is a process where we work together for some aspects, and then you use what we develop together to make changes and achieve your goals in the real world. Coaching is very much about giving you skills, strengths, courage and power to make changes in all aspects of your life, personal and professional alike.

In coaching, I will treat you and see you as

-an equal


-able to make the best choices for yourself

-capable of more than you think

I believe that the solutions that you develop yourself, with my support, are the ones that are most relevant to you, most useful and most likely to be carried out. The focus of coaching is on career / life balance / life direction, often a specific goal that we address during a fixed-term engagement. Remember that I am not an expert in your professional field, and the focus will be on your own resources and self development, which I will help you access. I will support you and work with you, but you are the ones that knows best what is right for you and what works for you.

Coaching differs from counselling or therapy in that coaching is about the future, action, change, and achievement of full potential, whereas therapy relationships are reparative in nature focused on overcoming traumatic events, understanding the past, and dealing with mental illness.

How does coaching work?

Initially, we will arrange a free coaching session to see how we might work together. Coaching will then take place as a series of discussion. The goals and strategies that you develop will be with you for the long term, but the coaching sessions with me will be over a fixed term period of a few months or so.

In coaching, a variety of activities may be undertaken, such as talking, drawing, using coaching cards, role play, brainstorming, review of questionnaires that you filled in, or working within set coaching or leadership frameworks. What we do will depend on what you need and what you enjoy.

We will meet in person or via Zoom, and the discussions will last around 1 or 2 hours. The exact process isn't fixed, in our initial discussion we will discuss exactly what would work for you. Face to face meetings usually take place in comfortable private surroundings in the beautiful village of Cropwell Butler in Nottinghamshire.


Coaching run, coaching walk

Coaching can also take place outdoors, walking, or running. This takes advantage of the benefits that being outdoors in nature adds, and can combine exercise with coaching. Any running will be at a slow enough pace to suit us both and allow us to talk.

Is coaching for me?

Anyone can take advantage of the coaching process and can benefit as a result. Some reasons why people come to coaching include a promotion or job change, major life or career event, needing to make an important decision, needing help to progress personal and professional development, or to plan long term goals aligned with individual values. Coaching is about helping you achieve your best, whether that is a happy life balance, or great work performance, or values-based living, or something else.


Coaching may benefit people from all walks of life, including students, doctors, allied health professionals, senior leaders and senior managers. I coach people from all these groups.

What benefits might I gain from coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you become the best that you can be. The testimonials show how other coachees have benefited from my coaching. The benefits of 1:1 individualised coaching are often easy to see, but might be more difficult to measure because people come to coaching with different challenges and desire different outcomes.

Recent published research has demonstrated some of the benefits of coaching healthcare and other public sector professionals.

In the organisational setting, research has also demonstrated benefits of coaching.

  • One meta-analysis has identified significant positive effects on all outcomes, concluding that coaching is an effective intervention in organisations.

  • Research into Executive coaching demonstrated that it was effective across all levels of evaluation. 73% of participants stated they achieved their goals “very effectively” or “extremely effectively,” as did 54% of the relevant stakeholders. When calculating the financial benefits of coaching (return on investment), the financial benefit to the organisation was 5.7 times the costs of the coaching programme.

  • A qualitative study identified that coaching in the workplace provides a unique space, creating a safe environment to address issues such as personal attributes, cognitions and emotions, with the result being enhanced well-being and improved performance at organisational and individual level.

The benefits that you personally might gain depend a lot on what you put into it and how engaged you are with the coaching journey. I can't promise that coaching will change your life, and cannot be held accountable for any decisions or outcomes arising from coaching. What I can promise is that I will do my utmost best to help you achieve those outcomes. Coaching successes are driven by you though, and the more that you put in the more you are likely to get out.

I myself have benefited enormously from coaching which has, and continues to, change my life. I hope that you can benefit in the same way too.

What are the costs?

Coaching is an investment into your future. Studies in the organisational context indicate the the benefits are at least five times greater than the investment. What would be the cost to you of not being at your best?

The cost of coaching will depend on what you require. We will discuss this in advance.

The first 90 minute coaching session is free. You can book yours here. Standard charges are available here.

Am I ready for coaching?

Coaching requires a significant commitment in terms of your time, emotions, and thinking capacity. Coaching may challenge pre-conceptions, it may offer you new ways of thinking, or be upsetting at times. Therefore, you need to be in a position ready to embrace the process, it's challenges, and your future. To get the most out of coaching, you need to be ready to immerse yourself in the process, work hard for your goals, and be ready to face challenges in the way.

You don't have to be facing a crisis to look for coaching. Many people use coaching as part of their ongoing journey of self-discovery to help them work out where they want their life to go, and to build up resilience to face challenges that inevitably come in the future.

Usually, by the time people are looking for coaching, they are ready. Your search is an indication that you are facing a challenge, and are looking for help with your journey. If you are not sure whether you are ready, I offer a free phone call where we can discuss this.

Are you ready? I'm ready to help.

Click here to arrange your free 90 minute coaching session to tell me about yourself and to discuss how we can work together.

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