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As lockdown is easing and we are able to do more things face to face, the online group has been stopped. I will revert to doing more face to face activities at work as I was doing before. Thank you to all who participated during the Covid lock down period!

I have kept the topics that we discussed below for interest. If any of them apply to you, could could always book a free 90 minute individual coaching session with me.

Group Topics


3rd July 2020: Managing your four energies

Peter Drucker, the grandfather of leadership, stated that “Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you.” Another leadership guru, Steve Radcliffe describes four energies: intellectual, emotional, spirit and physical. This workshop will explore how we use those four energies in our daily lives, and how we can manage them to get the results that we desire.

26th June 2020: Saying "no"

Saying "no" is a challenge to many of us. This workshop will explore the reasons behind this difficulty, and attendees will practice a simple framework on how to say no.

19th June 2020: Career values

Values describe how we want to behave now and always, and indicate how we want to treat ourselves, those near to us, and the world around us. This workshop will examine career values. Participants will work in groups of 2 or 3, taking turn as the person discovering their values and the person eliciting the values in another. Participants will thus experience the power of coaching from both sides: by practice a coaching mindset rather than a telling / rescuing one, and by discovering their career values.

12th June 2020: The Choice Point

When difficult thoughts or emotions turn up in workplace interactions, it's easy to get hooked. They pull us into rumination, lead to us taking actions that later we are not proud of, and perhaps even negative consequences. Nevertheless, we do have a choice in what we do and how we act: do we move towards being the kind of person we want to be, or do we do away moves that ultimately take us away from our values? This workshop will explore the choice point concept. Participants will apply the concept to their own situation, with a view to consciously making future choices that take them towards the person they want to be.

5th June 2020: Labelling emotional experiences

The ability to accurately identify and label our emotional experiences is a key aspect of Emotional Intelligence. Without an understanding of what emotions we are experiencing, we will not be able to manage them or use them as data that enhances our performance. This peer coaching workshop will use the emotimeter to  discuss different emotions in terms of pleasantness and strength. Participants will gain a wider appreciation of different emotions, and will explore some emotions in themselves.

29th May 2020: "What is Emotional Intelligence?"

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, understand and manage our own emotions, and recognise, understand and influence the emotions of others. Unlike cognitive intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence isn't fixed but can be learnt and developed. In general, EI is a much better predictor of career success than IQ. This workshop will explore an overview of EI, and future workshops will focus on individual facets of EI.

22nd May 2020: "Job or calling?"

If you had all the money in the world, would you still come to do your job? Or is turning up for work something that you do just to pay the bills? This workshop will explore the concept of career as a calling, and participants will appraise how best to align their career to their calling. 

15th May 2020: "What are you taking with you and what are you leaving behind?"

As we look forwards to opening up after Covid, this is a good time to appraise how the lockdown has changed our activities and our ways of thinking. Going forwards, what will you be glad to leave behind? And what did you discover that you wish to take with you into the post-Covid era?

8th May 2020: "Emotions at work"

The workplace is full of dolphins, tigers and owls. Each bring their own emotional characteristics to work, and these affect how they behave and interact with others. Which one are you? In this session, we will be using Sandler's emotional profile triangles to understand how emotions affect our relationships and interactions in the workplace.

1st May 2020: "Values"

Values describe how we want to behave now and always, they are our moral compass, and indicate how we want to treat ourselves, those near to us, and the world around us. They help us grow and develop, and create our present and our future. Living by our values means consciously choosing to focus on what matters to us. When the going gets tough, choosing to behave according to our values motivate us and keeps us going. In this workshop, participants will discuss their personal values, and identify ways to foster values-based living. In advance of the workshop, please have a think about what your own values are; if you need help, have a look here.

24th April 2020: "Resilience Toolkit"

Resilience is about how we deal with adversity. All of us are resilient and regularly face adversity. In this session, participants will explore what helps us be resilient, and will produce their own personal resilience toolkit. 

17th April 2020: "How can past experiences help me achieve my current goals?"

In this workshop participants will draw their career / life timeline, a graph showing one's successes mapped over time. We will then examine the timelines to explore how past experiences have shaped who we are, and will identify character strengths that will support future self-development, career progression and resilience.

10th April 2020: "The new normal"

Covid has turned our lives upside down. Not only are out daily routines changed, the challenges have led to many people reviewing their values and their roles in society. Dealing with seismic changes in such a short period of time is a challenge for all. This meeting will examine the process of change, and by the end those taking part will have a better understanding of the various stages of change, and will have a structured way of analysing change.

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