What will be my financial investment in coaching?


Coaching is an investment into your future. Studies in the organisational context indicate that the benefits are at least five times greater than the investment. What would be the cost to you of not being at your best?

The duration of coaching will depend on what you require. We will discuss this in advance.

The first 90 minute coaching session is free.


After that, prices are as follows.

1:1 Coaching

Bronze: single session charged at £100 per hour

Single coaching session. This is for people who need limited coaching after the first free session, or those wanting to access a single session in addition to packages below. 

Silver: three 90 minute sessions for £395

This is for more in depth coaching and would be the commonest package required for a specific goal or question. Coupled with the free 90 minute session, this gives you a total of 6 hours coaching for £395.

Gold: five 90 minute session for £650

The most comprehensive coaching package. This is ideal if you need coaching support over a period of time, such as a significant career transition, where sessions can be spread out monthly over a 6 month period or so.

Emotional Intelligence review

The cost of the EI review is £195. This includes the EQ-i 2.0 validated questionnaire, plus a debrief discussion lasting between 45 and 60 minutes. If you wish to explore the EI review, please first book your free coaching session during which we can discuss EI and its relevance to you. Following that, you will undertake the EQ-i 2.0 questionnaire yourself, and we will schedule a debrief session after that.

Special circumstances

I myself have benefited from life-changing coaching and firmly believe that coaching should be accessible to all and not just a privileged few. If you are not in a position to pay above prices, please discuss this with me in the free session. Note that doctors new to UK are not normally expected to pay until after they start earning.

Prices include VAT. 

(pricing updated 7th July 2020)

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