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I have 27 years’ experience in healthcare, including undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. I have a PhD, a Masters in Medical Education, and have / had leadership roles at University, regional and national level. I undertake research, collaborate with private sector, organise events, and edit for a medical journal. Coaching for me is a natural extension of my work as a doctor. I am altruistic and driven by the will to help others, underpinned by my core values of kindness, fairness, and teamwork. My coaching can help you achieve more and become the best that you can be.​

Coach Training

I have completed a qualification in Effective Coaching and Mentoring, accredited at level 5 by the Institute of Leadership and Management and delivered by the British School of Coaching. This was a one-year programme that included theory, practical application, and direct observation & assessment of my skills.

I have completed a variety of short courses / masterclasses such as:

  • Certificate in Career Coaching Practice

  • Executive Coaching - Psychodynamic approach Masterclass

  • Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certification

  • Realising Resilience Masterclass

  • Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence

  • Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation

  • Resilience Practitioner Certificate

  • Acceptance and Commitment Training Course


This is in addition to relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through my clinical, PhD and Masters in Medical Education training.

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Professional membership

​I am a member of the Association for Coaching and adhere to the Global Code of Ethics.

I initiated, helped set up, and now co-chair the Association for Coaching's co-coaching forum for Health and Social Care. In addition to being a professional networking opportunity, the aim of the co-coaching forum is to provide an opportunity for coaches to receive coaching, practice coaching, be observed in their coaching, and receive feedback on their coaching.

I have contributed to the Association's Coaching Connections magazine, writing about our experience of coaching in the operating theatre.

I maintain professional liability insurance and take part in Continuous Professional Development relevant to coaching. I undertake supervision of my coaching work, this means regular meeting with an experienced coach supervisor where we discuss my coaching, outcomes, and feedback (I routinely request feedback from coachees after every session to ensure that I am delivering what is needed and to help my ongoing development).

Coaching Style

You chose your path in life to make the world a better place, and with my support you can build on that passion and altruism to progress your purpose and career, wherever it may take you.


I firmly believe that people are their own best expert, and will strive to be the very best that they can achieve. I take the person as a whole, and understand that it is often not possible to separate personal circumstances from work performance. I am interested in how people’s emotions, thoughts and past experiences affect their present professional situations, and realise that this may be relevant in the coaching setting. I also understand that sometimes it is better to accept what is, and move forwards. My focus is on your strengths, values, resilience, and emotional intelligence, and my coaching is positive, solution-focused, and developmental. Together we figure out how you can develop into being your best.


I use a mix of techniques to deliver the benefits of coaching as I don’t believe that one single approach suits everyone. I prefer to tailor my techniques to your needs, and provide a supportive yet challenging coaching environment.

I coach people who:

1. are driven by an interest in helping others

2. face an opportunity, challenge or decision that they need help with

3. are committed to working towards being the best that they can be

I specialise in coaching doctors and other healthcare professionals of all grades.

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